Dolphins River Caravan Park - Charmouth Dorset
on the Jurassic Coast

A brief History

Dolphins River Caravan Park is one of Charmouth's oldest caravan parks having had caravans on its site for well over 40 years. The park had been privately owned for many years but was then sold to Countrywide Park Homes Ltd of which then after only 27 days(?) was sold on to Royale Life of which, as the press reported, the CEO of Royale Life, Robert Bull got into major financial difficulties and was forced to sell many of his parks. Thirty-one were sold to one 'buyer' and Dolphins is now currently owned by GL Park S.A.R.L. (Luxembourg) who purchased the park (along with the others) in October 2023. The mystery buyers appear to simply be investors.
Investors can be (among other types) Venture Capitalists or Vulture Capitalists.
Interesting that Luxembourg is a Tax Haven.

Part of the encouraging letter sent to all caravan owners on 27th October 2023, from the director Ross Miller:
"I am delighted to inform you that the Park has now been sold. The buyer is a well funded company and the intentions are to continue to improve the Park and address any issues that there may have been in recent months."

The magnificent Galeon Andalucia visiting Weymouth.
A replica of a 16th-17th century galleon

But then on 25th April 2024 all caravan and lodge owners were given the impossible instruction of 30 days to leave the Park
and with their caravans! The reason why was somewhat unclear but appeared to hinge around the Park's electricity supply
needing an urgent upgrade possibly due to Health and Safety issues. But closing the Park seemed extremely drastic action.

The good news though is that the Park's owners (shareholders) have now had second thoughts and have said that Dolphins will remain open and continue to operate as normal - and that works will commence shortly to make the necessary repairs
to the electricity supplies.

This good news was given in writing in letters received by all caravan owners over May 16th and 17th 2024.
These letters were from the managing company LT Management Services Ltd and from a Billy Buchanan rather from
the Dolphin River Park director Ross Miller. No-one knows who Billy Buchanan is and what position he holds
but apparently he is one of the two directors of LT Management Services Ltd - so a senior position.

All this is of enormous relief to the caravan owners and is very reassuring for new caravan owners coming to Dolphins.

But this has now prompted the question of who, or what Company, actually owns Dolphin River? The only thing known is that
Ross Miller is the Director. That doesn't mean Mr Miller is the owner. Shareholders own the Company by holding its shares,
Directors manage the business and its operations. But why the mystery of ownership?


  ALL caravan owners here should ideally be a member of NACO
NACO - National Association of Caravan Owners membership is only £12 or £36 per year

.Charmouth is mainly known for its beach and the incredible prehistoric fossils that are found there. Itís a family-friendly beach that slopes
very gently to the water and contains many rockpools to explore. Some of the film "Ammonite" starring Kate Winslet as Mary Anning was filmed on Charmouth beach as well as in neighbouring Lyme Regis.
The Jurassic coastline extends for around 90 miles with stunning beaches, towering cliffs and hidden coves. Regular buses run from Weymouth (X53) and Dorchester (X51) to Axminster station via Lyme Regis and through Charmouth. There is a Park-And-Ride from Lyme Regis into Lyme Regis itself. Also the X52 open top bus runs from Bridport bus station to and from Weymouth (Kings Statue) during the summer months.

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